Some children playing in the backyard of the Chingari Trust. All of them have a disease related to that night; a night when 3000 people died (other sources says 20.000) and more then 500.000 were wounded until now. 30 years has passed but a real justice has never being done. It was around midnight of the 2nd December 1984 when the disaster inside the Union Carbide India Limited happened. A leak in the tanks allowed the gas to spread out in the surrounding area, mostly populated by poor people in the suburbs of Bhopal, India. Many accusers report that the factory was in a poor state of security and maintenance since the plant was not running anymore at its normal production level. What we know is that 40 tons of methyl isocyanate gas came out and polluted the shanty town nearby. In addition to the initial tragedy, the ground and the water had been intoxicated and so were people. Many children born after that year have problems with respiratory tracts, chronic conjunctivitis to eyes, numbness and other.